The Beauty of Himachal Pradesh

A Handful of Terrific Spots in Himachal Č Himachal, a state nestling in the Himalayan mountains is known for its excellent tourism infrastructure, which is complemented by excellent domestic and international facilities. The domestic airports in Himachal are serving a great traffic as millions of tourists initiate their journey to Himachal and neighboring destinations. Tourists and travelers visit Himachal from all over the world for enjoying its natural beauty, snowcapped peaks, gushing waterfalls, exciting adventure, classy resorts, and Beverages. Some of the places of Himachal are widely known for their natural beauty. The Barakar Pass, Chinwari Pass, Maenam Lake, Damodar Lake, Malana, and Keoladeo Ghana National Parks are globally well known for their natural beauty.

Tourist spots in Himachal

In tourist spots in Himachal, adventure is the thing of life. thrilling peaks, snow capped peaks, blazing deserts, lovely lakes, gushing waterfalls, adventure, etc. are some major attractions of Himachal. These spots are the perfect destination to enjoy an adventurous trek or a Camel ride.

Major tourist attractions in Himachal are:


Thinking about the beauty of the mountains, the beautiful camping sites, and the adventurous trek, the above mentioned sites will certainly attract you towards visiting Himachal Pradesh.


Manali is a perfect destination, which will be organized primarily for the adventure sports lovers.

Chandrakhani Pass

Nestled in the lap of the majestic Himalayas, the pass is located at an altitude of about 3900 meters.


Colva comes at a height of about 3900 meters. It is noted for the sturdy rocks and precipitous crags, which the adventure sports enthusiast will appreciate.


The capital of Himachal, Dehradun is well known for the white sandy beaches, lush gardens, and the grand heritage hotels.

Lisure places in Himachal

Imparkation Palace in Shimla, the Summer Palace or the Summerican in Manali, the Village Palace and the Summer Holiday Inn in Panamikental Bagshod, Rang Deokgeng in Gongri and the adorable toy train ride in Gol Gumbaz, these are some well known places of amusement for the tourists in Himachal Pradesh.


To favorable yourselves with the stylish clothing, tourists in Himachal Pradesh prefer Indian handicrafts. Some of the most significant kinds of clothing that are very popular in Indian markets are:

Pujaarte, a baggy sleeveless robe and hat, very popular in the Tibetan markets, the Tibetan hooded sweatshirt, one of the must have for the tourists in Himachal Pradesh.

Pungo, a red heather hat that is very attractive and very Warm when the winds are blowing in the Himalayas, the baggy Sikkimese chiton and the wrap aroundvirginal blouse are equally attractive and warm when the winds are blowing, these kinds of clothing are very distinct and different from the clothes worn in other parts of the world.

The K saga handicrafts

The k saga handicrafts are world famous in Himachal Pradesh and a must visit place for the tourists who are on a trip to Himachal Pradesh. The handicrafts which are quite popular in K Saga are Carvings/Masks, Bowls/Water Colour paintings, Artists Pointing and Shankling, Gold Hoop Murals, Wall paintings, canvass paintings, lamp/offer table, Mudras paintings, Ink paintings, wanting table, BibBey bole hall, Dhurmala (Rohin bungalow) and many more. A lot of money is spent on these handicrafts and tourists are provided with freebies like Know Your Stuff stalls and malls.


Tourists whotravel to Himachal Pradeshare generally enchanted by many of world famous handicrafts such as jewellery, earrings, stone carved/carved statues, wooden & terracotta artifacts, hand painted etc. Not to forget the food! The stalls which offer traditional Indian vegetables, meals and condiments are the important attractions of the tourists.

Some of us who are new to the place and happen to walk along the cavalieries when we need some information, are quite impressed with the shop keepers who stay there and deliver the goods without hassle – what a pleasant surprise that is!

How to Reach

Himachal Pradesh is well connected by roads to all the major cities both inside and outside the state. Himachal is a very well connected state and there are frequent buses and trains to reach any of the places within the state.