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Scottish Equitable Life Insurance

Scottish Equitable is part of the Aegon Group, which has business ventures more than 20 markets around the world. In the UK, Scottish Equitable is also referred to as Aegon UK. It is a subsidiary of Aegon.

Ageon UK Scottish Equitable life insurance products include the traditional life covers as well as newer covers that protect against unemployment and disability.

Choose from a combination of protection plans that include life cover, critical illness protection and income protection. These Ageon UK Scottish Equitable policies can pay out either a monthly cash benefit or a single lump sum when a claim is made.

Start protecting yourself against future life challenges with a Scottish Equitable life insurance policy. Ask for an online quote and see how cheap monthly premiums can be. Or talk to an advisor to see how flexible Ageon UK Scottish Equitable plans can be.

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Insurance Source Premium*

*The figures above are based upon this configuration: 30 years of age, Female, £100,000 life insurance only, non smoker, normal health conditions, 25 year level term, and guaranteed basis. (this info is correct as at September 2009)


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