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Admiral Life Insurance

Admiral Life Insurance policies can protect you from some of life's worst challenges. Plan for the future care of you and your loved ones by ensuring everyone is financially provided for.

Three product solutions are available for purchase: Simple Level Term Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover.

Simple Level Term Life Insurance from Admiral Life pays out a lump sum when you pass away. This benefit can be paid out to your family and dependents and can help cover their living expenses, even when you're not there to do so.

Mortgage Protection Life Insurance from Admiral Life is designed to pay the outstanding amount on your mortgage. This policy decreases in coverage over time, in line with the amount of mortgage you owe. The monthly premiums also reduce in time along the same lines over time. Mortgage Protection Life Insurance can be an affordable way to ensure your family will always have a home to live in.

Critical Illness Cover from Admiral Life is a great option for those worried about getting sick. If you're diagnosed with a specified illness or pass away from, a lump sum will be paid out to you.

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Insurance Source Premium*

*The figures above are based upon this configuration: 30 years of age, Female, £100,000 life insurance only, non smoker, normal health conditions, 25 year level term, and guaranteed basis. (this info is correct as at September 2009)


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